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The mission

We intend to become leaders in the game developing community. Safety, transparency, and innovation are the core values that allow us to create a healthy environment where everybody can experience an unforgettable virtual reality of our in-game narrative. 

Our Story

3S Game studio was established in 2021 as an evolution of a community of programmers delivering free and unprecedented content to the Unreal Engine community in the shape of tutorials, example projects, and finally, a free plugin containing multiple stand-alone solutions to common problems for both single-player and multi-player.

Since then, our focus has shifted toward advanced new technologies like artificial intelligence, blockchain technology, and metaverse concepts.

We are also developing our own projects and plugins in cooperation with our technological partners.

Everybody taking part in the 3S Game Studio project has vast experience in game development. Our skills and passions have led us from playing games to developing them, as our team members have both amateur and professional backgrounds. 

Experienced leadership is essential in any project. Nevertheless, what if everyone involved were a professional? In the 3S Game Studio family, we offer products created by people who are not only skilful and competent but also passionate about their work. There is nothing so durable as the combination of experienced leadership, a team devoted to their project, and eager to play community.

Experienced Leadership

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